Where is the hotel location good cask

barrels of rice a lot of people like to eat, if you want to open a barrel of the hotel, where the site is better? Cask hotel location problem to be solved first, the following is a small series for everyone to bring some site selection skills.

open a cask hotel needs a large number of tourists in order to create a good performance, so find close to the consumer groups, the barrel of the hotel where good? Ensure that there is a stable source of tourists is worth to choose, but also to carey investigate these are indeed not close to the consumer groups, only convenient transportation, the flow of commercial center is close to the location of the consumer groups. Therefore, in considering the address is close to the consumer groups, these two aspects must be considered.

barrels of oil to pay attention to the development of local restaurant area, where the barrel of a good hotel? Suitable for the shop area is not a problem of regional planning, if you do not have to face the problem of moving in a long time, it is possible to lose a fixed consumer groups. This is a serious loss for a new store. So, you need to take into account the regional planning issues when considering the store address.

barrels of oil in the hotel where good? To look around is not a mutual promotion projects, such as shopping, one day down, there are food needs, so these can you take seriously to tourist development! Study nearby can promote each other in the industry, it can promote the mutual development in the future, in order to develop for a long time.

barrels of oil in the hotel where good? Around the barrel of the economic environment, parking spaces, rental prices are the focus of the shops, which are related to their own business can be stable development. Also pay more attention to peers, peers, can not avoid the existence of competition!


above is the barrel where the hotel location, you must know the cask Hotel money? More aware of cask hotel location links must be well, also know from what to determine which area for open barrel Hotel, and in the actual location of the situation there are many factors it is difficult to estimate, so the operators of on-the-spot investigation in the selection of shops, serious investigation.

4 layman self-taught 3D printing entrepreneurial thinking is very important

in our society as a whole, there are always some wonderful business in the stock market touched each of us, at the same time, through the understanding of some good business stock market, can also help us to establish a better business confidence.

from top to bottom is 3D printing craft, Wing metal parts,

Print, although the concept is not new, but in the real application level, or a company called "dream technology" of the enterprise in the past will be consistent in Chongqing on taylor. The end of the Chongqing contact soon, more than a dozen manufacturing enterprises, medical institutions to the dream of an olive branch.

in the first half, "the dream" to complete the 3D print finished more than and 200 kinds of forms, in the industrial centres in Chongqing, they found their breakthrough in the field of industrial applications and medical applications.

, QQ group chat bubble Library


said there are unbelievable. Two years ago, none of the four founders have a professional 3D technical background, can come together, thanks to Ren Jianwei’s personal interests.

"at home almost no too many professionals." Ren Jianwei can only enter the QQ game player group for advice, but as the industry group in the "white", few people talk to him.

"high precision, and later polished beautifully." A coastal 3D printer maker says he found Ren Jianwei and took his work to make a poster.

Brand jewelry stores need to consider what factors

now the jewelry industry "money" scene is excellent, many investors in this industry to Denver, and contemporary people look for the brand jewelry stores, so running a brand jewelry stores more promising.

Interaction between

now investors on investment accessories to join the project how to choose the brand, the heart have a general understanding. Investors have to look into the cooperation of the brand, such as with a high quality jewelry company to set up shop, so you can reduce the risk of failure to open fashion jewelry brand stores.


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2012 small business which projects to make money

fifty thousand yuan, is not really a big number in today, but as a very entrepreneurial ideas you do not only have this $fifty thousand, to see how the money to make money for your money.

five universal investment what? Fifty thousand yuan investment project: handmade chocolate shop

five universal investment what? Fifty thousand yuan investment project: Digital gym

five universal investment what? Fifty thousand yuan investment project: pet gas station

five universal investment what? Fifty thousand yuan investment project: handmade chocolate shop

Clothing store location is very important to the surrounding environment

good store address is very important to attract tourists, especially for the garment industry, good store means that traffic Everfount, but when there is no business experience of investors opened a clothing store in the choice of how to location? The whole network Xiaobian to introduce you to a prosperous clothing store, the store’s location is the key to success, clothing to join the address of the shop is well chosen, success will leave you a step closer. In particular, the brand clothing store location is a careful project! Before you decide to join the clothing you must seriously consider and investigate.

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Entrepreneurial projects should pay attention to what kind of entrepreneurial trap three

under the current business environment, all kinds of entrepreneurs trap a lot, as investors, only to avoid these pitfalls, development can make your career better, to make their own future full of expectation. So, if you choose to start the project, naturally need to pay attention to the trap. And here, Xiaobian remind entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial options must pay attention to the purpose of the three types of entrepreneurial trap. So, what kind of entrepreneurial projects should pay attention to three types of entrepreneurial trap?

, according to incomplete statistics, the entrepreneurial success rate is only 2%-3%, while the business failure rate as high as 70% or more, in the field of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, 100 percent off yuan per delivery, 300% of the profit space, sit at home and make millions of years…… This kind of gimmick to start looking for a project, It is often seen., beware of entrepreneurial trap, first, security experts warned that, without mature technology projects second, high return projects can not be trusted, third, the project investment is too small is a hoax.

trap 1: technology immature venture project unsecured

typical projects: drug cultivation, nano invisible pen, music whistle sugar, cultural moon cake

under the guise of high-tech, but actually selling cabbage type of goods, which is described as the current market is filled with a lot of technical content of entrepreneurial projects. In fact, these projects are only to the original process, the technology put on the cloak of science and technology, the name will be replaced by the new technology to the image of the image, to deceive some entrepreneurs.

is more popular than the previous recycled plastics project, claiming that the need to add some common items, you can produce recycled plastics, compared with the previous technical cost reduced by 50%. But in fact, insiders pointed out that the so-called new technologies early in the last century in 80s has already appeared and was later eliminated, because the additive in the production process, easy to plug the injection molding machine, injection molding machine after some investors confirmed that blocking phenomenon is always prone to the project technology.

there are also a number of planting projects, in particular, need to remind farmers to pay attention to friends. Cordyceps sinensis, for example, it was claimed that its planting regardless of soil, suitable for the north and south, everyone can grow. But in fact, this technology is still in the experimental stage, is not yet mature. The success of the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris, something like cordyceps.

launched these entrepreneurial projects are mainly in order to cheat equipment costs, technical training fees, data fees, etc., to deceive the layman. So for some investors in daily life is not the industry, must be to find a specialist familiar the situation before investing, this kind of industries including agriculture, education, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, household appliances, wall art, cosmetics etc..

trap 2: high return projects not credible "

Electricity supplier giant Ma Taobao new gameplay C2C+O2O

as the electricity supplier industry "hero", Ma Yun’s influence is a decision be not of the common sort, he did not make the investment direction is likely to change countless entrepreneurs, now Ma Yun has launched a new game for Taobao.

2014, Taobao and Taobao mobile phone has been concerned about the consumer with live entertainment, and strive to become the consumer’s life partner".

12 3, the Alibaba held in Hangzhou Taobao "double 12" Strategy Conference, said Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report, and in previous years, sales of innovative marketing play different, Taobao this year, double 12 is intended to provide consumers with a new experience of life unexpected.

if the "double 11" belong to Tmall for brands, then "double 12" belongs to Taobao, for small sellers.

also received the "love angel" delivery of the user, as well as the opportunity to get sent by the Jingdong, a face value of 360 yuan coupons, will also send 8 Mercedes Benz Smart car.

with the outside world, the rise of Tmall, Taobao’s importance has been greatly reduced, because with the development of the electricity supplier, B2C has become more mainstream than C2C. In fact, for Taobao, Ma has a high expectations, even more than Tmall. From C2C to B2C is the two stage of the physical electricity providers have passed, but with the development of mobile Internet service providers, O2O will become a new field of business growth, while in the O2O era, play changed, C2C!

What about investment balune bathroom

In fact,

chose to start a business of their own bathroom franchise, is a very wise choice. So, to choose to invest in Lun Lun Lun bathroom? Quality projects, a simple way of entrepreneurship, worthy of our attention and choice! So, choose to join the business will have to join the process?

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, etc., to participate in the joint venture to consult the headquarters of professional investment consulting related matters, obtain the relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to join the headquarters of the project to inspect the project, and with the headquarters staff to conduct business exchanges.

3, qualification: Bai Lun bathroom to join headquarters for investors to review and confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay the cost: investors choose the type of investment to join the headquarters to pay for the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: Bai Ma bathroom to join the headquarters of the arrangements for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze medal.

7, store decoration: Bai Ma bathroom to join the headquarters for the franchisee to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance.

8, officially opened: Bai Lun bathroom join headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and to provide operational guidance and help.

simple way to join, worry about the choice of entrepreneurship, is the first step in the success of our business. Bo Lun bathroom? Easy to learn quickly, headquarters to provide a lot of support! Worry free business, it is worth joining!

The retail store also continue to do the management work of all business

now has a lot of retail store owners aware of the importance of management, but also willing to do the work in this area, but can not insist, leading to long-term development of the store can not. No, that’s a problem. Hello everyone, I have a 400 square meters of the supermarket, the annual rent of 120 thousand, and now sales of $6000 – $7000 per day. The main problem is that goods piling up too messy, expired food too much, the customer flow less, because of low profits, operating in half-dead. Please boss weapon, thank you.

The main symptoms of

operating in passive confidence lost what is

prescription main taste to find the problem in the Bureau of Wang happy

shop like marathon

laughs last not easy

want to operate more prosperous

must work hard


ran into "half-dead" goods piled up over the chaos, expired food too much, too little, the customer flow operating profit is too low. See the problem which appears a few words, let Xiaobian not to think of two words, these two words should be carey pondering the question, and should find the answer in the actual operation, in order to let business gradually return to normal, and go back to the orbit, otherwise, a long time will change without operation shop, a fall down again, and finally to put up the shutters of the situation.

what two words so mysterious, you talk so much why not come up with the answer. In fact, we all know, not to tell you the answer now, I just want you to carey read this article, something mysterious, otherwise, how can I be so simple answer to a bowl of soup. The answer is not urgent, we first look at the reasons for your problems, find the root cause, the answer will come out naturally.

your current operating conditions as the pride of a child there is a problem in the process of growing up, see the child kept down, mom wants to pull the back, go back to the right way, it can not find the turning point of their thinking, impatience, heart uncomfortable is normal. Maybe you feel that I am not so appropriate metaphor, how can the supermarket and the child. Yes, you listen to me carey, you will know that the metaphor is too appropriate.

think that year, when the supermarket as early as the child came to the world. You are happy, and everyone is happy. Take care of themselves, carey afraid of falling, afraid of hot, afraid of hungry. This is the beginning of the opening of a period of prosperity. Product quality first, price flexibility first, customer satisfaction first, service enthusiasm first.

has a good care of you, with everyone

Linyi Cuijiayu increase online and offline publicity

many people know that now people want to do business, we must learn to operate electricity supplier, for the majority of consumers, the electricity supplier for more entrepreneurs. Linyi city Yishui County Cuijiayu town outstanding talents, professional talents, of affection cited before, continuous innovation and open up new channels to attract and recruit talents exchange, the economic and social development of Yishui county to join a group of high-level creative talent.

it is understood that since 2015, Cuijiayu town is the introduction of entrepreneurial talent 13, innovation project 16. The introduction of the China University of Mining and Technology graduate, the general manager of Haian National Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. Wang Guocai, with funding, with technical success in the establishment of two companies, now the factory construction basically completed, is expected to total production will form the sales of about 225 million yuan.

for the construction of the home is better, we offer a variety of services, strengthen the Linyi city Cuijiayu town publicity promotion through home brochures, manuals and other service personnel, at the same time, the number of public occasion to Internet to promote innovation, let the talent work to achieve online and offline two hand, effectively promote the "Zhaocaiyinzhi" solid work in order to carry out.

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