Yuelu District party secretary and entrepreneurial youth talk about dreams and reality

young entrepreneurs have unlimited potential. In order to encourage young entrepreneurs, Changsha, Yuelu District invited outstanding representatives of entrepreneurs and universities, business park, the person in charge of the party secretary and face to face communication, talking about the future development of the current business in Changsha.

2 21, Yuelu District invited outstanding student entrepreneurs representative, person in charge of University Science Park of Central South University and other colleges and universities employment office responsible person together, held a guest Salon ", on the one hand is to celebrate the upcoming Lantern Festival, more important is the hope that we talk about innovation and entrepreneurship. Party secretary Zhou Zhikai attended the forum.

he read in the lake began to do poineering work, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang to visit Wei Xiaoyu Changsha, prime minister to successfully sell a hand drawn map, "a red net". He said, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but the current business environment is good, the government attaches great importance to the policy, is also very awesome. At present, Wei Xiaoyu’s company in addition to operating cultural and creative products, but also operates fresh fruit e-commerce. In December 2015, his team to help Hunan County, Yongxing, nearly a hundred farmers selling 200 thousand tons of crystal sugar orange.

2015 in August, the introduction of Changsha, Changsha national entrepreneurship driven employment five years action plan (2015-2019), to encourage college students to start a business. As the gathering area, Yuelu District City, Yuelu District immediately issued a "Changsha promote maxspace (community)" measures for the implementation of "Yuelu District development and promoting the development of modern service industry a number of policy" and other documents, the introduction of specific incentives and support measures to encourage entrepreneurship, in the development of hackerspaces, the highest incentives to support up to 500 thousand yuan.

Entrepreneurs should know some entrepreneurial knowledge

the concept of shopping malls, many entrepreneurs have failed to entrepreneurial success is very few. Now entrepreneurs not only to choose a good investment projects, but also should enrich their knowledge. Here are some suggestions for successful entrepreneurs.

A, establish strategic direction: combing the entire project highlights, namely how the strategic positioning and market positioning. An effective solution to this problem will provide a strategic basis for the financing and integration of the project. For external investors and strategic partners, the more clear the strategic direction of entrepreneurial projects, the more prominent the market highlights, the higher the degree of acceptance.

Analysis of

three, business model design: Based on a clear strategy, focus on the construction of different stages of combing the whole project, design of the transaction structure of internal and external model based on efficient operation to use the lower costs to move the project. A good business model can get twice the result with half the effort, it is from the positioning, business model design, the key resources capacity, profit model, cash flow structure and so on five angles to build the scientific value system.

Design: four,

five, project profit planning: for investors, we should not only provide a return ratio estimates of the project, as well as the formation of the final project return system, which is a systematic project, requiring the system planning and design.


Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning

is the so-called: "a paradise under Jervois" the beauty of Suzhou is as everyone knows, it is human environment, economic environment, every year attracts a large number of people going to Suzhou. This time, Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning. In the future, Suzhou will show us a new look, so what is the overall plan?

Suzhou City ushered in a major opportunity for development! The State Council recently approved the "Suzhou city master plan (2011 – 2020)", means that Suzhou city development goals and the path of national level recognition, also outline new roadmap for the development of a new round of city".

State Council approved that Suzhou is a national historical and cultural city and tourist city, the national high-tech industrial base, one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River delta. It is precisely because of the development of Suzhou in the overall situation of the country’s development has an important position, its planning must withstand many aspects of the test, and be able to integrate into the national development strategy. Suzhou City Planning Bureau Chief Planner Xu Keming introduction, in accordance with the provisions of municipalities, provincial capitals and the State Council to determine the city, the overall plan must be submitted to the State Council approved. Suzhou city master plan since 2011 reported to pass through the middle after several modifications, repeated grinding.

"checkpoints" success depends on the real understanding of Suzhou, respect and comply with the law of urban development, the path of scientific development." Xu Keming introduction, according to the plan, Suzhou will be built into a prosperous economy, harmonious livable, ecological good, vibrant, distinctive modern city. To achieve this goal, the development path is not for big ocean, but from the importance of urban and rural regional harmonious development, the reasonable control of the size of city, improve the city infrastructure, the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly city, under the meticulous Kung Fu, reflect the Suzhou characteristic.

, for example, to 2020, the central city of Suzhou resident population within 3 million 600 thousand and the city construction land control in less than 380 square kilometers, is prohibited in the construction of "overall planning" to determine the scope of land outside the establishment of development zones and city district. The development of rail transit, the establishment of public transport as the main body, a combination of various modes of transport, multi-level, multi types of urban integrated transport system.

according to the approval requirements, Suzhou will play a greater role in the Yangtze River Delta Metropolitan area. The coordinated development of Suzhou will deepen with the city of Shanghai, and promote the construction of Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou metropolitan area, and the surrounding city to strengthen the Taihu Sea region, the Grande Canale coastal environmental governance, infrastructure construction and cultural tourism cooperation.

in the process of economic development, the good geographical advantages of Suzhou, for its continuous development of fresh blood, so that the city has a better ranking, recommend

How to open a grocery store

many operators are often used in the invisible related skills, will make the business of the shop becomes more prosperous. These skills are the hearts of countless investors who aspire to become the foundation of a successful shop. So, how to successfully open a grocery store? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

a, site

location is very important, because the business is general merchandise goods, consumer groups are mainly residents and units, choose to shop in a residential area near the school, large and medium-sized enterprises, the focus is preferred, or near the large flow of people in the market.

two, store arrangement

grocery store, a variety of miscellaneous goods, should be arranged display shelves before the best marked graph, which is convenient for the customers to pick out the target, the limited space is utilized, if conditions permit, the two layer is a layer of shelf, wall, floor, this kind of goods can be placed in the varieties more complete varieties, can attract more customers.

three, operating characteristics

1, cultivate potential customers. If the grocery store is still in the pipeline, we must seize the favorable opportunity to open, take some promotional measures to increase customers, attract the attention of consumers, as long as the customer into the store, you can buy one or two chances, even if not to buy, the general merchandise stores have to buy Natural map, you can find come.

2, service to smile. Good service attitude, this will be the source of customers, my family and relatives that as long as the customer in a shop, whether buying things, is with smile, give a person a kind of intimacy, customer source is especially good, people love to go to his shop to buy something, say. He next to the grocery store as his shop business, selling all the same, not many customers.

3, door-to-door. Some of the old customers, schools, units can be door-to-door, the end of the month closing, convenient for customers, expand the volume of business. A lot of old customers have mutual trust, they will make your grocery store promotion to other people, give you free of advertising.

4, membership. Membership can make grocery store culture consumers, through membership card integral rebate, can stimulate the desire of consumers to buy goods, to achieve the purpose of expanding sales.

finally to explain, is the most important business reputation, products quality is better, not shoddy, so as to establish a general merchandise store image, to win the trust of consumers, business will be steady, earning large quantities of gold each day.

said that although compared with some big shops, grocery store grade is lower.

Talking about the international cooperation of production capacity and equipment in Hunan

region’s economic development needs constant innovation and Reform in accordance with the trend of the times, in order to further promote the economic development of Hunan province to do what initiatives? What are the significant effects? Let’s take a look at!

Hunan daily news May 11th, the CPPCC Standing Committee, director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, China Academy of Engineering Pan Yunhe as head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC member Chen Jian, deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC research group to Hunan, to promote international cooperation and production capacity in our province to discuss.

members of the research group Lv Xinhua, Wang Shenghong, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on,, Ai Ping, and so on. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman and Secretary General Yuan Xinhua, assistant governor and relevant departments in charge of the people to participate in the discussion and the introduction of the relevant circumstances of the case, the Secretary General of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the Secretary General of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s Republic of China and the Secretary General of the.

in recent years, Hunan actively adapt to the new norm of foreign countries "high level and large scale introduction to go out", actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" and "going out", the surrounding interoperability, FTA and other major economic diplomacy strategy, with zero breaking double bridge, the extension of the city "," 100 billion overseas "the project as the starting point, and promote the international cooperation and production equipment to go out".

currently, Hunan approved a total of 1177 overseas enterprises, investment of 17 billion 153 million U.S. dollars contract, the contract investment of $11 billion 622 million, the actual foreign investment $7 billion 553 million, involving investment of 86 countries and regions, the scale of investment in the forefront of the country. Hunan overseas has established 9 Overseas Economic and trade cooperation zone, a large number of enterprises set up a manufacturing base, in the overseas R & D center and resource exploration and development base, the existing strategic emerging class of 156 overseas enterprises, resource exploration and development of class 124 overseas enterprises.

Pan Yunhe Hunan to carry out international cooperation in production capacity to obtain a wealth of experience affirmed. He pointed out that, to fully absorb other countries "go out" experience and lessons, to the direction of industrial development and planning, the use of two kinds of resources and two markets, to develop the first international standards, to further strengthen the benign competition, promote economic restructuring and upgrading and better development. Hunan is a big province of manufacturing industry, we must have a great plan, we hope to be able to make new contributions to the development of China’s economy, which is based on the advantages of market, talent, technology and management.

of the Hunan province to follow the trend of the times, follow the trend of positive international capacity cooperation is of great significance to promote the economic development of Hunan Province in transition, to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the economic strength of Hunan!

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Xiao Bian tells you how to use your time effectively

how to do more things in a limited time, improve their efficiency? I always have time for entrepreneurs. I have reached this point: if you do not always think about how I can promote my business needs, I got out of breath. If you want to make a lot of money, you need to make every second count.

last month when I was in Kickstarter (creative solutions congregation creative solutions website platform to raise public website platform) launched a campaign to raise money for my company, three days ago I have almost no sleep. However, the result is good, at the end of the third day we achieved a $15000 financing target. But I found that starting up and running a company would drain your time.

I is the second grade students with a full burden of university. At the same time, I am the director of the student union of my university, the vice president of our start-up company, the marketing director of the International Business Council and the teacher of the Chinese language association. I manage all this as well as my company: Yes  Man  Watches.

1. set short-term goals to achieve long-term goals. This scheme can be applied to almost anything. For example, when I launched Kickstarter financing activities, I make a to-do list, in addition to the affairs of the company, including making my activities page, making my video, you contact blogger and so on. My long-term goal is to achieve funding on the Kickstarter platform, and my to-do list includes short-term goals that can be further broken down. For example, the video can be broken down into these parts: to find a reputable photographer, writing the script, the plot to do the series.

I in school activities in the application of the method of goal setting: if I have a eight page English in two weeks to pay, then my long-term goal is to finish my paper, and my short-term goal can be decomposed to complete its outline why.

2. using the application. Technology can help you manage your time effectively. One of my favorite tools in my iPhone is my reminder. Every night before I go to bed, I write at least three goals for the next two days. It helps when I wake up with a handy schedule, and I try not to go to sleep before setting a second day goal.

now social media people spent a lot of energy and time. Although social media may be a very

To small and small to earn more than a lot of music di

At the same time

to accelerate the pace of life has increased the pressure on people’s lives, so quiet is no longer quiet, people can indulge themselves in this time, it is a good way to Xu zhe they relieve pressure, less responsive to send music Di of this way of life

nightlife     send music everywhere di

paile Di play popular king   evening entertainment upgrade

paile Di Le create market entertainment new standard, Le Di sent to quickly seize the big market, to enhance the level of market entertainment! Send Le Di night play is a high-tech modern entertainment, did not send Le Di night only that it’s out of date and low grade!

ten thousand or twenty thousand to join the Millionaires Club

paile di Duchuang   entertainment industry;   good opportunities to win market recognition

the night equipment are upgraded to interactive video technology, the market how big?

to deduct, to earn more, as long as you invest in the entertainment industry that is no longer a myth!

stereotyped, evening entertainment "only entertainment music

now filled with countless KTV, nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues, entertainment style are similar, stereotyped, singing dancing outside no fun, there had been no fresh, people’s vision, hearing, feeling more and more paralysis, night bosses are even more confused.

To promote the innovation of the public entrepreneurship Fujian introduced 10 measures

innovation is a very important link in the whole process of entrepreneurship, especially in today’s society, at the same time, in many large and medium-sized city, people also actively encourage entrepreneurship in the process of adding some innovative elements.


] to create a strong atmosphere

media compilation guide   let the entrepreneurial innovation group known by

to a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the new wave, let entrepreneurial innovation group awareness, understanding, use policy.


] multi-creation development space

entrepreneurship innovation places in Colleges and universities.

the highest subsidies 1 million yuan

to encourage public record space development, "measures" proposed "a group of four": cultivating a number of pioneering demonstration bases across the province to create a model of entrepreneurial innovation an operation mode of advanced and perfect facilities, service quality, environment influence and strong power in every heart, be not less than 5 million yuan reward; to create a batch of entrepreneurship camp, entrepreneurship and innovation of public places students across the Province ordinary higher school should have not less than 2000 square meters, each of which was not more than 1 million yuan of subsidies; the transformation of a number of guests around the world, to make use of the old plant, the old warehouse transformation of new public record space. In line with the conditions given by the incubation of housing subsidies, while supporting the allocation of land to allow the formalities for transfer agreement, and industrial division, land rental and housing property transfer policy;. Rise of a number of traditional incubators, in line with the conditions of the new incubator, will give 300 thousand – 1 million yuan reward or subsidy. < / recommendation

It takes courage to change a life

now, entrepreneurship is a lot of people’s choice, but do you really want to do a good job how to start it? Entrepreneurship has a strong desire to make money, however, this strong desire, a strong degree determines whether your life will face one or more turning point, a strong desire for you to overcome the contradictions and hesitation.

the possibility of success is very simple, it may be very difficult, they all have one thing in common: the status quo of men and women. Money is a son of a bitch, but we do when the most needy. We may be poor and happy, but often ashamed of the money, and bitter, and face the embarrassment of dignity.

Shops need to master the skills to make money

shop as long as you can master the skills, the same can make business booming, make money. So, for any one operator, the store’s business in the end is good, in fact, is the more important aspects of skills. For this reason, will let the current entrepreneurs have such an understanding: store money need to master skills.

is not afraid of small expertise

wonton is usually a snack, but eat to eat, nothing more than a big wonton small wonton, wonton wonton meat dishes, who had heard that wonton can pack 60 kinds of color!

for the first time into the "gold master wonton shop features", will be scared of the two jump, the first is to see the menu, so many varieties of wonton see dazzling, what Chinese cabbage, celery, shepherd’s purse, letinous edodes, kelp, radish, salted egg yolk, clams, fish…… The second is the end of the bowl of wonton up, just can be called a kind of big bowl of soup bowl, but with the.

lead, let you look to have a sense of satisfaction, scoop up a wonton, particularly large head and full. But the price is not much difference with other stores to 5 yuan, a bowl of $8, supplemented by 10 yuan, $12, $15, to meet the different tastes and needs of the public. In this way, has not eaten, the characteristics have been fully exposed.

"gold master said," the first night snack, often the old diners specially came to eat a bowl of wonton, last year he and his father in the street next door plate, opened a snack shop, specializing in large Pork and Vegetable Wonton Soup, 10 only weighs 8 wonton in half, eat, takeaway business is good to go.

how would you think so many varieties wonton bag? He said, opened a branch, also tried multiple operation, and sell a set, the first half of the result is not ideal, simply obsessed with up to color wonton. This is really the way to go, master Kim is currently opened 13 stores, unified procurement by the distribution center, unified stuffing, uniform production, unified transport, one day can sell more than and 500 kilograms of leather bag wonton.


operates only a single type of snack shop area less than 100 square meters, invested about thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan, 8 to 10 months to recover. To carry forward an ordinary thing, set its big, into a unique feature, ask, who can compete with it?

do lose money to Qiao Qiao

is the ultimate goal of doing business in order to make a profit, almost no one willing to do business. However, sometimes the interests of not only the eyes directly to see the count, some of the surface of the loss of the business is actually a lot of knowledge can be studied.

small beauty shop has come to close the door. Not hers