Love of Shanghai experience and promotion skills

regardless of experience, know that Wikipedia, as long as the webmaster friends can.

3. experience of Chinese and foreign chain. Although love is Shanghai favor their own products, but the link is still not on the experience of the home page, also do not join the steps. The link in that? Don’t forget to have a reference, here is the best place to add links. The purchase method of ixwebhosting virtual host according to the above method after completion of the addition, directly in the 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 link with reference, here can be the reference resources are introduced, but the advertising department to too heavy on the line, the next thing to do is to wait for its review.


experience promotion skills

two, the difference between

1. experience of the title should be brief and clear. Experience is mainly to solve the "how to do", so your best table topic is the solution * * * *, practice. This title for the user experience, to experience the search is to find a way. Don’t order the keywords ranking, the title of too complex, this would backfire. Do some long tail keywords or can.

is to provide accurate information, like a dictionary. Experience is a contributor in practice experience, experience. The Wikipedia entries can be edited by the people with the experience, can only be a contributor to editing experience, once the audit, only the author can be modified to ensure the integrity of the experience.

webmaster friends every day to promote their own websites to worry about, there are different ways to be found every day. The webmaster friends also remember the love on the line near the Shanghai experience? This is the love of Shanghai know another classic, we all know that love Shanghai is focused on their own products, like Shanghai know, love Shanghai love experience, Shanghai space is soon included. Today and share the love experience of Shanghai.

love Shanghai know is to help users solve all kinds of problems, is put forward by a person, then the other person to answer the way. And experience is the focus on "how to do", "how to do". A complete experience including: overview, tools, procedures, notes, references to several parts. Experience in general is to solve the problem in theory, not the human nature, know that it can solve. For example: * * * * address bus route?? these problems are not the answer experience.

, experience and know the difference between


2. experience to specific content. The content of experience in specific steps must write, not less than three, or review. For example: now want to share purchase method of ixwebhosting virtual host, buy steps to a write clearly, some steps to write not clear can try to explain. The user wants to search in time is certainly the specific steps, so it should take into account the user experience.

experience and encyclopedia

Jingdong, Alibaba, Gome, battle logistics, or for new retail preparationsYang Wenjian how do I earn

several major electricity supplier collective work

simple, in accordance with the concept of Ma, the new retail is online, offline and logistics combine to form a new model. This is Ali as a concept, in accordance with the new retail logic to expand the layout, recently announced the opening of intelligent logistics, then in Lianhua supermarket.

, speaking of writing articles, I’d like to mention one of my students, Liu Yaoqing 52341091, who recently wrote articles on A5, which he wrote directly for the teacher to take. As a result, we all ignore him, when you are looking for the teacher’s mind to write, with a low profile to find someone else, naturally many people ignore him. And he sent data to other people to add his , and as a result, a lot of people came for his information, to the data, ignore him. If you want to let others to recognize you and your exchange, should stand on the same platform to communicate with others, with a high profile to enter someone’s perspective, to provide value to your friends, while others recognize your value, also will give you help and exchange.


also taught me how to quickly master SEO in the A5 lecture, which gave me a higher level of self-confidence. Everybody let me help them analysis website, actually I was thinking level and should be in my analysis website to find people, the results of a lot of people let me help, I can only go to the analysis of the results, help others analysis website is so simple. Once you know something about it, sometimes you push people onto a new platform, and that’s how it works.

not only Ali, including Jingdong, millet, Tencent and other enterprises also agree with the new retail trends, the United States will even "Gome" changed its name to "Gome retail."". In this case, self built logistics has become a new retail electricity supplier breaking the new strategy. However, whether it is a good policy, it is necessary to see how the appliance manufacturers specifically how to play the hands of this deck of cards.

I also added a station friend station KING group, this group before often someone lectures, not lectures people want to be T, want to stay, I also applied for lectures. Remember what I said is "let the recreation at leisure station friend group drives the first joint-stock website friend net profit", we are talking about other knowledge, can I speak to our communication platform, it is easy to let the friends of the net station managers pay attention to me, and my lectures courseware with fine top.

in 2008, back to network life, helpless, do not know where to go. I don’t know why I do not copy Qiushi things have been looking for direction, often see colleagues write something in A5. At that time, there is a big bird called publicity, often write some soft Wen, in fact, he said SEO also sub sects, there are soft Wen sent SEO, or what other faction?. Do not know how to do, I like the soft text sent SEO, and try to write a soft text, as if how to seduce sh419 spider.

rookie official said, and even optimize a truck, a courier’s path. At the same time, the rookie also announced a new brand identity, both like AI and like 01, where AI represents wisdom, 0 and 1 represent technical language. The meaning of the new logo, basically is to tell the outside world, the rookie is doing the wisdom of logistics.

first sound the biggest Jingdong, Jingdong announced the day before, Jingdong global logistics headquarters, Jingdong unmanned systems industry center, Jingdong cloud data operation center will be landing in Xi’an space base, formally enter the field of aerospace logistics. According to reports, Jingdong will invest 20 billion 500 million yuan in the next 5 years.

the copyright of this article belongs to Yang Wenjian :251022543. Welcome to reprint, reprint, please note the author and source

almost at the same time, Ali on the other side also fired a gun. Ali’s rookie network announced the opening of an intelligent logistics platform, in the face of small businesses and small and medium logistics, the data will be upgraded to open open technology.

Suning now practice, in fact, and Ali have a lot to do. Since the "cat Ning" fit, Suning strategic strategy, and Ali echoed each other. This time, Sue >


article was written blind, fabricated, adapted from other people’s opinions and posted on A5, and the results really went through the review. Very happy, very encouraged, but also every day to write the soft text. Soft Wen outside the chain has no influence on ranking, not too clear, when encouraged my confidence. Write more articles, I think it should also be the same as others do a blog, to collect their own articles, watching a lot of people do what, Beijing, SEO, Shanghai, SEO. I think I also have a Shanxi SEO, check the shanxiseo, not registered, immediately apply for a ZBLOG hang up.

specific layout is to build "three headquarters, three platforms, four major industries, including Jingdong group global logistics headquarters, global unmanned systems industry headquarters and Jingdong Shaanxi cloud data operations headquarters; the establishment of intelligent logistics platform, integration platform, big data transport flight operation platform; expand intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics cloud computing, feature of the town of four industrial cooperation. First do not say Jingdong this grand blueprint, the logistics should be done alone God, this Jingdong is undoubtedly the first.

before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, many domestic electricity supplier together in the field of logistics dropped heavy bomb, Jingdong, Ali, Suning, Gome and vip has released the retail, logistics strategy or related news. This has cidaojianhong electricity supplier in the field, rather like pagans sharpening "means.

"the next ten years, twenty years, there is no e-commerce," this said, only new retail." Since Ma Ma presented a new retail concept in a speech in October 2016, the role of logistics in the electricity supplier industry has changed a lot.

It is the highest state of Shanghai dragon constantly to meet the needs of users

these days look young justice Bao third, which has the highest level a story about medicine is benevolence, the so-called medicine but fur. What is the highest level when I read this story I constantly reflect on Shanghai dragon? This problem has troubled me for several days, until now I finally got a satisfactory answer, that is the title wrote: the highest state of Shanghai dragon is to meet the customers demand. You do Shanghai dragon friends, you do in Shanghai Longfeng is holding time is not to solve user problems and create value in the heart of creating site content for the users? Often hear a word is content is king, but no one to do so. No one from the user’s point of view the content of the website. Should do what is reasonable.

when we do keywords analysis we must first do this is the key demand, such as I do is Shanghai dragon. The word search will be what needs? First, may want to know what is the Shanghai dragon. Second may also want to learn Shanghai dragon. Third may also want to do Shanghai dragon service. Fourth may also be looking for Shanghai dragon tutorial and so on, we need to conduct such analysis. We want to get the word Shanghai dragon ranking will need to meet most of the needs of users, may our website should not only include the Shanghai dragon tutorial, but also include the Shanghai dragon service etc.. If we only provide a single Shanghai dragon training needs, and search Shanghai Longfeng people demand so much, but you can only meet a small part of the needs of people, naturally you want to get good rankings this is not possible.

back to the friend to ask me questions, I asked him core keyword search your website needs you can meet most users? Obviously not, on his website home page is full of some equipment they hospital how advanced, how strong lineup of experts. Hospital how luxurious, how strong the strength of the hospital. These things can meet the needs of users? Maybe they just want to know the search keywords in this disease, people may just want to know what is the cause, how to prevent this disease. This is how to treat the disease. And you show.

in the group, there are often some novice asked me why Shanghai Longfeng included more than competitors, but also more chain than competitors, the index than the competitor’s website. But why would rank behind others, I make the effort, really can not think of how to surpass competitors. I have to look at its website, is indeed in all aspects of the data to be ahead of the competition, but the ranking is unexpectedly competitors behind. There is only one reason, content to do better than competitors. I looked at the statistics, the bounce rate in seventy percent sites. Although I do not know the average level of the hospital in this industry, but such a high bounce rate is obviously higher than the industry average. Others in the row behind the naturally.

Novice webmaster how to operate to enhance the weight of the site makes Shanghai Longfeng stable

at present with a wide range of domestic e-commerce website rise operation optimization friends grow with each passing day many novice webmaster, have been involved in the Shanghai dragon industry also come in a throng, novice friends need to pay attention to those problems early in the station, station early on the content of the website and the connection construction should be how to update and release to enhance the stability of the site weight instead of search engine drop right? These are new friends in the station early to consider and pay attention to the main. The following the author of these details, an exchange with you, I think from the following aspects and to share and discuss the following, we now enter the theme.

third, the construction site is connected. The construction of this site, before the station at the beginning of a personal experience, just on the line for more than the opponent, in order to quickly rank, 8 hours a day for nearly 6 hours in the connection, as long as can be included including signature, friendship connection etc.. With patience can increase the number of plus many results, finally the result is right to be reduced, K content, the author think these are so here the author, with deep hatred and resentment, to solemnly remind our new friends, the construction site, the connection is very important, but we don’t want to use these cheating means to deceive us the search engine, it is important to remember that the construction site is stable, to obtain the trust of the search engine is more important than the connection construction so we in the operation of the process to pay attention to the following points. First, to stabilize the growth of the connection secondly, the quality of the connection to find high quality connection, stable finally, connected with the distribution of attention wide coverage. So, from the above three points we can effectively carry out the construction of outreach, and >

first, the website structure. The website structure is like a theater support, its role is to create scenes and build momentum for the entire site, to the grand and magnificent, clear outline feeling, specific to the structure of the website, is to provide clear reading route for our readers, orderly layout helps to increase user experience for readers as soon as possible to find the desired information. Second, provide clear and smooth lines grab for our search engine, let the spider is very easy to find the key columns for the website, our website content is included and pave the way for the foundation.

second, the content of the website. The content of the website is like a person’s growth, as people think to life to survive the most basic living conditions of eating, learning, the movement and so on are indispensable in the growth process, and our website in the early growth of on-line how fast, fast search engine trust, and be stable improve your weight, similarly, we also want to do these seemingly basic but very important work, update high quality original content, enrich website quality and update the article number, grasp the attention update process, not a lot and not one week to update the little note update time fixed and update frequency uniform. These are some small problems, we should not only pay attention to the vital and used in their practice.

Thinking about enterprise website promotion Keywords layout point

to express the content of the. We know how to determine the key words, then choose the right keywords is a point, and finally to rely on this.

did enterprise website promotion friends, most of them are clear, a few enterprises, only one product, or even only one product, so this product is not only the key words only one. Whether it is the regional term, domestic or foreign, name, or name, common words are not the same market. For example: my product, I still do not know what is the formal name, just according to the index, more people called stacker. My products from abroad, to China, way too much. Such as: stacker, forklift, elevator, lift truck, hydraulic truck, stacker and so on. This is a product, then the product of our factory is not too much, there are about ten, and so on, I need to consider the promotion of key words is how many

two, keywordsI often go to

for keyword classification: core keywords, long tail keywords, popular keywords, keywords added

Keywords Keyword: the

, the three key wordsThis is the

The The application of

is the extension of the long tail keywords: core. Keywords for supplementary description, similarly, or my product for example: the core keywords I choose is stacker, then the stacker will be classified as full electric stacker, semi electric forklift trucks, pallet stacker etc.. The choice of long tail keywords is generally: function + core keywords; brand core + keywords + core area; keywords; specification + core keywords and so many. This is not the whole, but you need to dig out the relevant search search, search index to extend, to promote to the maximum.

keyword selection is the first step, establishment and promotion of the same, it is the most important establishment and promotion process, the most influential factors. If your website ranking is very good, but there is no inquiry or flow, then you should consider whether or not to choose the wrong keywords. Keywords as the vast network of the building, through the search engine and delivery directly to clients from your website. If the word and the customer search is not the same, even if your ranking is again good, also be to the customer. Select the core keywords is not the need to research most probably it did not actually happen, but think carefully, to determine the reasonable collocation of key words is also very important, more can expand the core keywords, to occupy more search area.

, helpless

core is easy to understand, Gu’s name, is in the range of products you have listed in the key words, the hot market, search the hottest word, the word success means the vast majority of customers can search for you, find your product. For example, my product core keywords, I chose the stacker. As the main site of the promotion of the word.

?The classification of

Zhu Wenle Google K site restoration included combat tutorial (2)

in the article after the release, there are many of my friends asked me "the request to review how to write the contents of the page, English Shanghai Longfeng successful operation over two websites to be collected, the reasons are not the same, but there is a common point to summarize, hope to help:

English Shanghai Longfeng tested the website weight reincluding, draw the following conclusions:

wrote "Google K site restoration included combat tutorial (on)", this is a continuation of the previous article, is also the case operation results, have not seen the suggestion of a friend to see one, easy to understand. After the last operation English Shanghai dragon was going to wait for a week after the time to see the results, did not expect today (July 8th) morning at the time, Google released part of Shanghai dragon blog, because to go to work just looked down and went to sleep, when Google released the 10 ", are in recent days I update articles, but not included.

In July 6th

first case: the regular operation of the K, according to the method mentioned above, fill in the complaint: "have been carried out which operations may lead to the punishment results, has taken corrective measures to assist in order to evaluate the review application."

The Google The

second: "sin" is indeed too much K, propose to change the theme of the site or program, and then fill in the "may have done some things do not conform to the users search experience in the complaint, causing the site in Google search results by screen, I have to do the site changes, the site is currently in full compliance with the quality guide baby I guarantee the quality of the nobility, abide by the criterion after noble baby, for the Internet with high quality original content, request a review of the Google website." If you are too lazy to write the words, just say "

reincluding Shanghai dragon blog, and I expected is not exactly the same, at the end of the article I had expected: "general 1-2 weeks will be a result, then Google will send you a reminder!" in fact, I re login Google site administrator tools, and not included in Google feedback message. But Google released website time is far beyond my expectation, actually only two days time, Google is also very awesome. Today afternoon to see, Google has a collection of 20 articles, and site home came out, immediately posted articles also included.

blog can achieve new articles immediately included, search the full title to the first row, search a few a few days before the submission of the article, some can be seen on the first page, some a few pages can not see the shadow, visible website weight and by K before a lot of difference. Want to completely restore your weight, take some time, after all, Google is just put out, or to update the original content, increase the number of high quality links.


These acts of love Shanghai think you are cheating!

behavior! Many

sites are in the process of adjustment love Shanghai algorithm has been affected by large or small, but those who do good site optimization, is still the highest, very stable. You do not know Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have not thought about why? Logically, Shanghai Longfeng work is nothing more than the + chain form, why is it that some master’s website is to be in peak but not

2, each article will link to the page anchor text, this is really about

most of the ER Shanghai dragon has heard the main words in the last paragraph of the article, and the link to the home page is very good, on the other hand, the back chain can improve the weights of the home page to a certain extent, so more and more long standing in the optimization process of deliberate add anchor text links, and each article basically has a link to the home page.

? Shanghai dragon

but today, Anhui talent network Xiaobian want to deny the view, although in the end with the keyword is in love but no ground for blame, Shanghai strongly emphasized when the user experience, the >


1, Title always piled up a lot of keywords, really bad

once heard Shanghai Dragon God of course, she is giving love Shanghai rankings of the factors that said "up to 234", although you every day in the update of the so-called high quality articles, the quality of the chain, but the rest of the variety, have you noticed? Although not today the 234 factors one by one to everyone listed, but small series is for everyone to talk about, the most common is that love Shanghai "cheat"


practitioners think buddy, Title put some words in fact does not have much negative impact, but the reality is really so? In fact, according to the story, if you put the key words too much love, Shanghai will be in the form of Title as keywords heap masonry, this is one way cheat


!Although the most recent

teacher once said, the most popular Title Shanghai love words should be within 35 characters, translated into words, only 3 words, but small series have seen a lot of Title set up the site, they can not wait to put all the optimization keywords are put up, in fact it is not right!


many in Shanghai Longfeng novices, may every day in the operation cycle of repeated "the chain article", but this job for a month after the discovery, the rank of the website or why not much change? Plus in May this year, "Wei Zexi event", by today, Hefei talent network Xiaobian found love Shanghai changes constantly, may be a small change, may be a big change, so you will find that many of the site’s ranking becomes less stable, or may directly be right down

The history of the most complete website drop right cause analysis as soon as possible to restore th

, a space problem

because the space access speed is not stable, sometimes slow and sometimes not open, because this is right down the case is a lot. So the author proposed here before their own web site must not covet cheap and buy a cheap space, and to choose the security and speed of the domestic space. Want to know whether your website appeared open under the condition of space in the previous update log, here the author analyzed the common search engine crawling return code.

205 (reset content) server successfully processed the request, but did not return any content.

203 (unauthorized information) server has been successfully processed the request, but the return information may come from another source.

3xx (redirect) to fulfill the request, the need for further operation. Usually, these used to redirect status code.

2XX (success) said successfully processed the request status code.

1XX (provisional response) status code indicates a temporary response and request to continue operations.

200 (success) server has been successfully processed the request. Usually, the said server provides the requested page.

100 (Continued) the requester shall continue to request. The server returns the code that has received the first part of the request, is waiting for the rest.

201 (created) request and the server successfully created new resources.

300 (multiple choice) according to the request, the server can perform multiple operations. Server >

202 (accepted) server has accepted the request, but has not yet dealt with.

in the rapid development of the Internet era and the prospect of expensive bidding cost for most enterprises suffering so low cost of occupation – Shanghai dragon was born, the number of employees is increasing every year, but spam of the Internet more and more, Yu Shisou search engine in order to better meet the user experience has frequently launched the adjustment algorithm. During this period, there are many site is down right or even being K away, for what reason, there are many friends from the post root is not completely find the problem, here the author of your many years of experience for everyone to share out, hope to help you as soon as possible to restore the site ranking.

204 (content) server successfully processed the request, but did not return any content.

101 (Protocol) the requester has asked the server switching protocol, server has been confirmed and ready to switch.

direct access to the topic:

206 (part of) the server successfully processed the part of the GET request.

Keywords unstable factors outside chain analysis

"content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the webmaster website optimization standard, website construction began to add high quality content, in order to find the high weight of the chain, is to make the site keywords ranking on the home page, has reached the search engine optimization effect, but often do not always unsatisfactory, keywords ranking so well, this is a lot of reasons of unstable, unstable phenomenon from the chain perspective analysis.

third: the chain increased not lead to unsafe

second: the forum outside the chain too much lead to unsafe

fourth: association of friendship chain lead >

chain and the excessive increase of website optimization excessive, excessive optimization will bring adverse effects to the site. The chain is a very important process in the optimization of the website, many new Adsense on the site is not set up domain name began to do outside the chain, will think the faster increase in the chain, the weights of the domain name is also higher, but for a new domain name, if a sharp increase in the chain, the search engine will be considered the phenomenon of cheating, or buy a black chain, which often leads to the domain name is right down, or directly by K. This increased accumulation site outside the chain, the keywords ranking, harmful.

: the first chain increases caused unstable

now many BBS can add links, the webmaster is to do with the chain of tiny signature, but the chain weight signature on the high, this is the webmaster to know. The chain of the forum is very ticklish on the website, search engine update, the chain fell over, keywords ranking with this chain of safe and secure. If you really want to do outside the chain in the forum, it should also choose some weight high, such as: A5, Chinaz, and so do some Adsense encyclopedia, the content of the original chain, rather than relying on weak signature to obtain the chain.

began operations on the site, the webmaster should have a detailed plan of how many keywords ranking, increase every day the chain, the chain increased in what place, these are to be in the planning scheme. Many webmaster without a plan, in the construction of the chain, the most is thought to do the chain, to think of it today, the chain do more tomorrow, remember, the chain will not do. This search engine is updated every day, a day of the chain increased, a day reduced, the competitive keyword ranking, is also a day to rise, one day down. To keywords ranking can stable, the increase of the chain and the chain speed of the platform, the webmaster should be careful to do, this will have a positive impact on the ranking of words.

The rules

many owners in order to complete the task to do outside the chain, the construction of the number of the chain every day many, the webmaster to lazy to forums outside the chain, in fact, to the webmaster, the forum should be a place of learning, not a place to send the chain, the chain is not only the forum the weight is low, but also included very ticklish.

Love is some experience on K station after recovery by sea

analysis of website is the reason: K

3, the website of the column structure was restored.


, 1 revision caused the page structure adjustment is too large;

Many webmaster in

after his love of Shanghai K station, will consider replacing the domain name, a lot of time to replace the new domain name than to restore an old domain name may cost much less, not to mention my website is also not a few months, but I didn’t want to give up hard to think out of the domain name, although in the eyes of others the domain name is very general.

, the 3 column structure adjustment is too large, the station was K before the love Shanghai spider appeared a lot of code 404 days;

I site keywords is optimized, may cause excessive keyword optimization;

new station on the line, love Shanghai has a certain assessment period of the new station, this site during any big adjustment, are very sensitive to love Shanghai, love Shanghai might think that your site is not stable, will be punished or extend the assessment period of the new station, after all the love of Shanghai to consider the user’s search experience, impulse love Shanghai violated all the taboos.

1, after the revision of the page with the same structure as the results before the revision, only on the style of adjustment;

there is on the back page of the adjustment again, although I’m not sure which one is caused directly by the K station, but to be on the safe side, or on some data recovery.


at the beginning of September is really chenbuzhuqi, start thinking is not the site structure is confusion, which leads to win the favor of Shanghai love. As to the structure of the web site to carry out a large-scale adjustment, at the same time to modify the website and search engine optimization. The effect is very obvious, after the adjustment of the amount collected in Shanghai on the day when the surge, the snapshot is also on the same day is love Shanghai update, then the heart inside is very proud, now think about it, that’s just the start of a tragedy. Third days after the adjustment, the site was completely K, when the heart was cool, and adhere to the power of almost all of the moment is not, there is no hard contact Links.

Then I started

97 is a new network joke on the end of July this year, on-line third days by the love of Shanghai and Google included, just start to feel everything is going smoothly and keep the site every day will update, but until September, Shanghai has been included in the amount of love there is not much increase snapshot update time very long, during this period included the amount of Google has soared.


reduced the keyword density, to prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of keyword stack;


has done a lot of station, has not encountered by the love of Shanghai K station experience, see many webmaster complaining by K website, always feel love of Shanghai K station is far away from me.

At the same time, the 2 Revision of the Anyway,