Analysis of four common misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon (two)

error two, love Shanghai weights can query through the webmaster tools.

A lot of people we provide to

the previous chapter, the specific address is: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121020/466625.shtml, now and then we introduce the other four intermittent errors.

is a misunderstanding, do the bidding will improve the keywords ranking.

a lot of people say Shanghai is a reality, Shanghai auction customers found sex natural ranking is relatively good, but once the website stopped having sex Shanghai auction, there is no web site keywords ranking. This is completely groundless statement. Love Shanghai love Shanghai bidding and natural ranking are two different systems, if you love Shanghai in order to attract customers and make the bidding ranking for customers or customers in Shanghai, is obviously unfair, we can think of love, if Shanghai will do the bidding ranking customers and raise these sites it is not in line with the user experience, so love Shanghai will loss his customers, because the user for a search engine is just a finger. I love Shanghai not stupid enough to control natural ranking. Of course, the love of Shanghai will be more committed to the user experience of the site will conform to give good rankings, more committed to maintaining the natural ranking of fairness and impartiality, so as to retain their customers. So love Shanghai bid, there is no theoretical basis to improve the keywords ranking this sentence, if the auction can really bring influence, can only say that will bring some weight to click on our website, how the site may have a role in upgrading.

I introduce the Four Misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng common for

webmaster tools of the so-called love Shanghai weighted query to judge the weight of a web site, this is not very accurate. The webmaster tools provided in the Shanghai love weight just according to the site is expected to flow to calculate, a website is expected to flow to the higher, the higher the weight of it. So this is not to judge the quality of a website based on. If you still don’t believe, then we illustrate. For example, the word "water" as an example, this word is a non-commercial keywords, so its competitiveness is very small, and the "water" love Shanghai index is 1800, so if we are to "water" as the keywords to do a site, then we can obtain the phase when the flow is considerable, and this flow is very easy to get, because it is almost no competition too much. It has 1800 daily traffic, the weight of Webmaster Tools given naturally high, so we think its weight is really high? Then I am engaged in the advertising industry led car, LED car advertising is a business of words, while falling in love with the sea index keywords LED advertising vehicle was only 133. But there are many businesses to compete LED advertising vehicle this keyword, so even if I do it first, obtained from the keyword LED advertising vehicle flow up to 133, the webmaster tools give weight is very low.

Create long tail keywords optimization quickly improve site conversion rate

present on the network, digging through the long tail keywords on the site, we can put these out long tail keywords for a summary, so we need the optimization of long tail keywords targeted to a certain extent, which mainly consider the long tail keywords can bring traffic and conversion the rate for the web site. These can be strengthened.

second points, highlighting the title and description method

related contentAn article in

, the first mining site long tail keywords

4, the appropriate content in some relevant keywords.

3, the title of the article, give a H label, can be H1 or H2.

1, note keyword density, as far as possible in each segment are the key words.

The first 2 places, appear in the keywords Shanghai dragon mining tool has a lot of long tail keywords

, add black.

third points, strengthen the long tail keywords

a reasonable plan and write.

in the optimization of long tail keywords, we generally take the content page to the operation, so this article writing and the optimization of the content page is very important, in the title, description can be integrated into the long tail keywords appropriate to highlight the content of this article, as the title itself is a written description of the long tail keywords. It is important that appears in the search results is the content of the title, description, URL. Which describes dominates many bytes, so a reasonable, attractive, detailed description to get more opportunities for the site. In the fusion of long tail keywords is also very necessary to believe that. We have the experience of.

were recorded on the long tail keywords article link

fourth, recommended

Hello, I am Beijing Shanghai dragon Wang Jishun, recently found that many people do not pay attention to the optimization of long tail keywords, according to the optimization of the general idea of the line on the site to start the optimization, is generally based on the site of the primary key based start optimization, thus causing a phenomenon: if the master key is the heat so high, the keywords ranking do up takes a long time, during this time, the website traffic is very low, then the conversion rate of nature is very low. If a change in thinking, in the process of optimized website, we first used the strategy of optimization of long tail keywords, long tail keywords to get by traffic to the site, on this basis, gradually improve the main keywords ranking. So, we must consider the optimization techniques of long tail keywords.


may not have the knowledge to write a comprehensive, so we can reasonably recommend some articles some relevant keywords at the end of the article, this is also a lot of benefits, reduce the bounce rate, increase the site within the chain, the web sites of increased PV and so on. Good stick to the customer.

Google webmaster tools to help us improve more details of Shanghai Dragon

3, the wrong page would be 404> grab


1, the content of

webmaster friends for many websites, or single page keywords know those words that we wrote in keyword tags inside, this is a kind of understanding form is wrong, this is the subjective understanding of "key words, no search engine from the point of departure to understand, if you install the Google webmaster tools. The analysis of Google spider robot for your web pages you will find, then the content of keywords. Take my rose blog for example, the following contents can be seen in Google keywords analysis site: Shanghai Phoenix, Beijing, website, blog, optimization, good, long, rose, the station ten is the most. These are some words can be found, in addition to the appropriate improvements is on the lower frequency of "good" and "long" words like, increase and Shanghai dragon related words.


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Do not know how many friends have used Google webmaster tools, to tell the truth because he has been having sex optimization work in Shanghai, some of the things Google attention really rarely, also believe that many webmaster like me, not to pay attention to the Google webmaster tools, but has recently seen a lot of friends recommend Google webmaster tools, flower some of the time a simple research that we have for Google webmaster tools like the reason for it, especially for some of the details of the statistics suggest that Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng workers give us great help. Here to share some of their experiences recently learned, I hope everyone can help in Google webmaster tools, improve more of their own in Shanghai Longfeng optimization without paying attention to details.

blog content keywords The

blog content structure


keyword is not up to you, but the automatic segmentation

2, the rationality of internal links you have


do not know if you have pay attention to their own internal links station is reasonable, because the internal link is very important in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, it can point to the relative importance of the number of internal links to a web page to inform the web search engine. According to this principle, we can give an important internal links to web pages, and those who are not too important "as little as possible to do some internal links. May we all know principle is, but how to control the rationality, I believe we are not ready before, but Google webmaster tools to help us solve this problem, the internal link statistics Google Adsense tools can tell us the website internal links which link to obtain the support of the largest number, also can help us to improve the internal link structure to make certain the guide.

Fuzhou beauty school for analysis by log rank


at a glance!

site log acquisition process (with Putian Lanyun company as an example: the server operating system is Windows

date date

two, IIS –

download the log with EditPlus open, remove some useless, as shown below, in order, save it as a.Txt document (the document is saved as TXT, to prepare for the next step, because the excel table can only import data is a TXT document and other format does not support

s-sitename service

) )The first step:

time time

cs-method method

, Apache –


as shown below,

web server log Linux server log log system The second step: Fourth step

3, can be directly used to open the Notepad, the best EditPlus open. To prevent computer crashes.

贵族宝贝dtsyd贵族宝贝/ to the following example:

files accessed address: cs-uri-stem

the third step: use the excel table into the table, selected in the first line of the first column position, then according to the following steps can be completed.

no matter what kind of log, mainly to read the following four points:

The definition of

access code – sc-status

Windows system log server log

search engine spiders or browser — CS (User-Agent)

Web log type:

log space background – control panel – WebLog log download

Web log English notes:

fifth: put some delete unnecessary, only need to keep cs-uri-stem URI resources, c-ip client IP address, CS (User-Agent) user agent, sc-status protocol state the 4 to

1, the record server receives the client request processing, and recorded on the server request processing results to.Log at the end of the file.

: a perfect clean log imported, this look is not very comfortable and very clear.

s-ip server IP address

2, the server log is automatically generated by the server, the date named.

IP – c-ip

Do you want to Shanghai Longfeng to a spider as their search engine

in Shanghai in 2014 2013 to change the Dragon

at the beginning of 2013, I want to find a job can learn Shanghai dragon, also had the opportunity to study with a teacher in Shanghai. If a person wants to learn the Dragon Shanghai dragon really do not know where to learn. If someone teach you more easily. Then learning website three tag set, how to write the original article, how to do the chain. I am also smart, will do it again. Slowly I also search outside Shanghai Longfeng forum to share with you, won’t ask others. You know too much. However, the unfortunate thing happened. The Shanghai dragon industry chaos, love Shanghai began to crack down the garbage chain, it can be said that in the fight against the Shanghai Phoenix. I lost my job. From then on the Shanghai dragon down. Heard how much money earned by the Shanghai dragon for me is just a distant dream. I don’t understand why you So unlucky, when I contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not.

Shao Lianhu in 2010 the time had heard of Shanghai dragon. I joined a QQ group, that is to teach Shanghai Longfeng and website construction. I love Shanghai in search of what is under the Shanghai dragon, also cannot read, no direct attention to that group. At that time I just contact Wangzhuan, I only love money. What money can do what. Then I began to research on the website construction site. After just a little Shanghai dragon edge. The title is not set. I look at the title of the site piled up a lot of keywords I learn. Hey, are blind. Want to do too professional. Of course I have no serious learning Shanghai dragon.


Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult that Shanghai dragon more worthy of doing

heard some things before 2013

no matter what, if there is no technical content is not good. Because Chinese love to imitate, what money they have come together like a swarm of bees. Because it was only by the Shanghai dragon forum signature can put the site up. I have dozens of places at the time, every day I. Is junk reply. Oh, now I think is a sinner. Manufacturing to the Internet "

? Shanghai Dragon

entered the Shanghai dragon industry has been more and more friends. Come in, have to go. Because no matter how good the industry may not be suitable for all people. The Shanghai dragon well? What is good? Can earn money that is good. But Shao Lianhu wanted to say when I earn money in Shanghai Dragon not seen. When I contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon has been old. No way, the eye of the beholder. Shanghai dragon doesn’t work, I still love. So, no matter the Shanghai dragon development into what I will always do Shanghai Dragon Phoenix. Then, in the fierce competition of the Shanghai dragon age how can we do a good job, Shanghai dragon

6 year old webmaster site was K times experience summary

started from the end of 2006, in the blink of an eye, is already six years old webmaster. But always belong to entertain the small station list, no major achievement. More than 100 pieces of the virtual space is to use most of the time, like most small owners, make a station as entertainment and learning technology. Only recently began to hire their own servers, serious business web sites.

program is stable on the one hand, the template must be careful not to change too frequently. If you have the ability, a new station on the line before, the best to write a template, after the change but also the details change. Don’t say we usually small, weight is very high also losing a lot of revision station. So don’t change today a template, tomorrow see another good template, and to change.

do stand in these six years, the site has been K page left. For example, the drama is at least K million net four net, Maverick is K and then collecting the K, now is K. After so many times by K, not good experience, but a lot of lessons. Come here, I hope everyone can give a little enlightenment, don’t make the same mistake with me.

two, space stability, IP stability.

, a web application is stable, the stability of the template.

three, title>

One of the new owners

easy mistake is to choose to do well and do the station station theme CMS program. Want to do the movie network today, we make a Marx, wait and see love Shanghai video began to promote, and replaced by a light CMS; tomorrow see customers well, and go into the thief station, it is labor-saving; wait a few days to read the novel station flow not to engage in, and to change the beautiful picture station…… In return for this, most likely to be punished love Shanghai. So for the new station is concerned, the best start to choose your theme, want to choose a good program, insist on doing it. Not xianyisiqian, this not to get sidetracked.

in the current owners, a considerable part of the site was K, all because of instability caused by space. The spatial instability includes several aspects. First, the site not open space. If your space just in love Shanghai big update does not open, you can probably bid. Second, space IP transform. Practice has proved that the IP transform website has certain effects on the site, but have little effect, depends on your luck. Third, space is black, a Trojan, or with the IP website in question. A novel PT program there are loopholes, the emergence of a large number of horse phenomenon, leading to a number of site is down right or directly by K. The web server has also been implicated. Therefore, timely upgrade website program, it is necessary to check the site.

million net has been the cause of K is, the domain name has done the movie station, local portal, network forum, opera, for every one was K. Just then the mind is fun, not too much attention.


Discussion how to start from the data to love Shanghai

this problem generally appear in the hot words. In the first part I wrote, we may offer has been relatively high, ranking to the first page, but we also want to consider the problem of visual focus. Generally speaking, regional hot hits is indeed higher than the non hot region. If we do not have enough money to support us to snatch the hot region, are really at a loss what to do.

first, we want to see, to see the promotion of ranking. Remember the visual hot previous articles written by

to the "construction site" as an example. Upon inquiry, the word really high fever. If we put the word, and less to show the amount that there is only one reason: we offer too low, ranking too far, can not get to show. Then we’d better go to personally search this word, look at our promotion rank where, if the first three pages are not our shadow, we should greatly increase the bid. Modify the bid after the best look again at our ranking, we ensure that appear in the opportunity to show relatively large position.

in the previous article, I also wrote, mainly to see the sex Shanghai promotion: show the quantity, click rate, conversion rate, the three important indexes. Below I will talk about from the three aspects of how to interpret these data:


a word if the show is too low, should be how to troubleshoot the cause? First of all, to look at the key words. In the love of Shanghai index and tips in sales can easily get the keyword or search volume data.

we solve the problem of low volume keywords show, are likely to encounter such a situation: the show is a word quite large, but the click rate is too low. Encountered such a situation how to analyze and solve the


is not the only Internet data analysis, but the Internet makes data collection and more convenient access. Love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion background in statistics can show the data of website promotion is very intuitive, it is convenient for us to do data analysis.


low click rate solution

fell in love with the sea to develop a website, we all know to pay to do, but only pay for it? How to promote the work of doing a good job, how assessment? Yes, the data is

if the word itself is not too hot, or how popular words? Generally speaking, popular words of competition is not high, that is to say, popular words can be very near the front of the position is obtained by using a low bid. In this word, if we are not in the top three positions do not get to show. So, we will encounter such words do not think, or increase forward three, or just delete the word.

show of low amount

The process for promotion !



Chen Tong the site is down right thinking

is a website on the Internet, ninety percent websites rely on search engines to survive, eighty percent web site traffic from search engines, but with the search engine algorithm changed and changed, on the website of the increasingly high demands, do stand has been more and more difficult to do, in order to stand in the search engine rankings increased. Included increased, all the webmaster is painstaking, the hair of the chain, looking for friendship, website optimization, deal with search engine means but we think back, emerge in an endless stream, is not that we have been search engine to the nose, let me love Shanghai to the east to the West we dare not

here is my days included love Shanghai right down

analysis of my site drop right, my novel station, because the development of the need to change the server, because the novel data is very large, so I started from No. 22 to stop the update, start packing data, there are a lot of problems in the process of packing, transfer service for 28 to recover update, the middle 6 days off more.


wrote here, have to feel love.

first, my site is down right, but also drop special drop, then at night I could not sleep well, think about some things,

can be seen included before me is also good, will remember the snapshot every day, 22 days ago, the daily collection has more than 1W, but never update, included slowly down, on the evening of 25 seem to love Shanghai big update, then I’ll be right down, 25 night is my 2012 ah.


most of the webmaster, wake up the first thing is to open the computer, and then began to query their websites in Shanghai Longfeng, see included an increase of no higher ranking or not, no matter which webmaster forum or webmaster portal, that of greet "Shanghai dragon optimization method" and "if you increase the website ranking" "how to increase the weight of the website" Shanghai dragon training course is much beyond count seems to Shanghai has become a dragon, do stand of the mainstream, most web search engines because of growth, and finally because the search engine perish.


here, maybe someone will say "you say these are nonsense, do not rely on Shanghai Longfeng do!", I just want to say that we have not abandoned Shanghai dragon, but let us take the first position from Shanghai dragon down, let the Shanghai dragon become an auxiliary tool we. Let it be our tools rather than we become his slaves, to the content of the website, we put the user in the first place, the search engine

stand aside!

below is my weight, second is my No. 21 query, turn out with friends in the chat

The first figure today for everyone to share!


Brief love Shanghai pictures get fast search and show the basic requirements

3, JS and flash in the picture there is no way to love Shanghai one hundred percent successfully resolved, as well as asynchronous loading etc. there is no way to be loved Shanghai index.

2, after landing in order to see the picture, the picture is not love Shanghai image search and display, no chance at all, such as a picture of the design websites need to view downloaded pictures after landing, Shanghai love is unable to complete the login username and password of the pictures on this page no index permission to love Shanghai.

two, the website environment:

three, its ranking ability and condition:

4, the picture is not only to judge the content of the picture in this chapter according to the Web context, but also contains title, alt attribute of the image itself, and picture anchor.

2, also love Shanghai is not only related to whether the picture content, the weight of the site is also very important, if you are in love the good Shanghai keyword search, then the picture will have good rankings, trust or love Shanghai on your site. If the existing keyword search over Shanghai dragon will lead directly to your picture is not trusted.

, pictures and web page:

1, is a clear map >

The relationship between

, a 1 page picture to get pictures of the search and show the love of Shanghai, is the first page and the picture is very relevant, love Shanghai’s explanation: more attention and has been the theme of the site "by the owners, the emergence of the image on the page more credible. How to make the picture and the web page theme, can through the alt attribute, and the text on the picture (although not recognized, but must be recognized by the user, related).

3, the site server stability, a stability of the website whether keyword search and image search are very favorable, there is no any difference.

1, we all know that love Shanghai spiders, web pages and the pictures are the common use of Baiduspider, at present our website or Baiduspider/2.0, want to let the picture can have good rankings in search of a picture, the first is to ensure the full friendly to Baiduspider, and ensure that the Baiduspider has good capture and included on site, demand user login to browse the website is no way.

Optimization of

love Shanghai picture is part of a larger source of traffic, Shanghai love picture search included the sorting problem, as early as 14 years will have to request detailed explanations, today as personally after the experiment, according to the requirements given in Shanghai based love combined with my own experience to share to you. If you want to show your love for Shanghai and included website pictures should have the following:

Electricity supplier user group analysis cock wire people get the dayYoung entrepreneurs should also


young people to study to pay tuition, deep understanding, but also need to pay tuition fees for business, but no ideological preparation. Some of the society after setbacks complain, think oneself is the most unfortunate people in the world. In fact, the world is big, really not destined to be successful entrepreneurs. On the contrary, all the success or failure of the summary of their lessons, or from a warning to others. Anyway, I paid the tuition fees. Young people realize that it is important to pay tuition fees for entrepreneurship, which is the foundation of success. First, only this understanding will be able to strengthen the confidence of entrepreneurship, otherwise, difficulties will be discouraged and give up. Second, know how to cherish every opportunity to learn, and accumulate experience in entrepreneurship….


number 1: spending habits,

grass root groups are generally not high income, this is in contrast to white-collar crowd, the vast majority of grass root monthly income is about 3000, can be said to live in the bottom of the city, according to the income level, consumption level of grass root population should not high. But in fact, not so, many people in this group like to pursue the trend, more yearning for those luxuries, saying that the more they get, the more fascinating. Data show that about 8.64% of the grass root population using the apple mobile phone, of course there are many grass root love cost-effective, stylish mobile phone, for example: millet mobile phone, in addition to grass root most people are playing online games, and are willing to spend money in the game, most grass root are accustomed to using the Internet to kill time. The level of consumption determines the spending habits, and the group prefers the tangible things

as a member of this group, the author is also some understanding of this group, consumption habits is a concept, mainly in three aspects: for a certain class of goods preference, for some brand preference, on consumer behavior and preferences, speak bluntly, is this love those types of grass root groups the goods, as well as the product brand, love to buy goods in what way. For example: many cock silk men are mobile phone enthusiasts, like frequent replacement of mobile phones, they prefer to compare, preferring to pursue fashion and trends. Comparison of love mobile phone brand iPhone, Samsung, especially love to chase iPhone, in fact, many grass root income is very low, buy iPhone is more luxurious, but most of the user groups have been accustomed to online shopping, especially for female users, like taobao shopping, do not buy is look very cool this group is also very love, group purchase, because more affordable.

grass root is now the word is a popular network language, what specific meaning, do not know can go to sh419, on the understanding of the word is the grass root is similar to the "grassroots", compared with the rich handsome, grass root is not what money, not what family background, a generation of young people only back the grass root, one word refers to the male compatriots. Electricity supplier in the counter attack today to grass root will be the world, why? Recall every single day, businesses are desperate to engage in activities, Crazy Fishing gold, in fact, there are many singles in grass root people, originally this holiday and business is not half dime, but is the business speculation, let this single holiday into a crazy shopping festival. Grass root is a user group, and this group is very large, there are too many people in the grass root on the Internet, but do not really understand grass root in the hearts of people, in order to taobao as an example, all love Taobao shopping mostly for 80, 90 young people, these people, many belong to the cock silk. Want to cock silk heart, must understand the heart of cock silk, first have to analyze the characteristics of this user group:

second: consumption level