Electricity supplier website to follow a single product strategy will be optimized to buy their own

September 11th morning news, following the millet single product where customers will introduce the idea of the electricity supplier industry, BELLE’s website and purchase to follow this strategy: own brand of high-end sports shoes will push this month, the main air cushion technology, and plans to subvert the existing sports shoes market price system.

is reported that the best buy in the first half of this year launched its own brand sports shoes project, has entered the finishing work. Expected in late September will be released on the whole network.

as BELLE’s international business website, excellent shopping mall fashion on July 2011 on the line, the early name and purchase online shoe shoes and sports shoes and apparel goods flagship. 2013 became the largest footwear electricity supplier. The same year, the company changed its name to excellent shopping mall fashion, fashion apparel online shopping website positioning platform, and quickly become the largest fashion B2C.

as excellent purchase selling fast fashion brand INNET, was founded in 2004 in Hongkong, previously the main female market, a variety of models of sales over a million double. This year, excellent shopping mall to strengthen the INNET brand, launched more suitable for online shopping shoes. At the same time, excellent purchase also launched the first half of the INNET sports shoes project.

It is reported that

is creating subversive sports shoes, and purchase hired a group of senior designers from internationally renowned companies, and with the domestic production of long-term international well-known sports brand sports shoes factory, after six months of design, development, testing, launch of the two series, 25 kinds of sports shoes products.

is understood as excellent purchase and the launch of the sports shoes series flagship series: INNET cloud series air shoes, excellent purchase uses the highest standard "INNET MAX" full palm cushion technology, this technology has the most powerful cushioning technology, can greatly reduce the knee and ankle joints in the movement of the impact force, increase bouncing power. At the same time, its original AIR-STENT air cushion stent technology, so that the air cushion to be better protected.

is currently the best choice for the purchase of INNET sports shoes final commissioning and testing, is expected to be in mid September, the sale of goods, in late September, the global synchronization. On the price of goods and listing activities, excellent purchase will be announced later, but it is understood that the market will be much cheaper than the price of thousands of dollars. (Lin Ming)

Mother Baidu GG small owners how to choose a situation of tripartite confrontation.

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currently on the market several mainstream advertising alliance, Ali mother, Baidu, Google

Ali mother:

good, is a small webmaster good choice, and unlike some website revenue to 100 yuan to give money, he is to use Alipay to pay, really good.

but there is a drawback: 15% of the technical service fee is a bit high, and some of the owners can not eat.


Baidu bidding and theme promotion two. Baidu over the threshold of the station is not the first choice of small adsense. If your site is good, you can consider.


good. Click to earn a higher cost, but the site can be more than 6 months to apply for the site. There is a malicious click on your ad, Google will be mistaken for your own click on the ads to cheat, then sealed your number. By the way, tell everyone, if Google said your station is not through the audit, is the "site type", then, tell you, don’t mind, meaning that your station is a dumpster.

currently has a new first video. We can try.

Tmall responded Jingdong report chicken duck said duck monopoly Lake

[Abstract] Jingdong report said the Alibaba in " double eleven " promotion stress one of two businesses, this is a typical diandaqike.


Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) November 4th news, the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong said last night that the real estate industry and commerce administration has been reported to disrupt Alibaba e-commerce market order. Jingdong announcement pointed out that the Alibaba group in " double eleven " promotional activities in the coercion of merchant " select a " two;. This is a typical diandaqike behavior, makes shopping in other business platform on the customer can enjoy fair promotions, harm the interests of consumers; their behavior interferes with the brand business in the marketing and promotion of other business platform, damage the business interests.


dual eleven preparatory committee spokesman Fang Ya today responded that Tmall will continue to expand in the price, delivery speed, lead customer service service, and product quality advantages, continue to surpass themselves and customer expectations. At the same time, Ya Fang said: "the market needs the spirit of entertainment, but can not only stay in the entertainment spirit; the market is speculation, but can not always stay in the hype, but not the pengci and speculation as a cause. The market does not believe in tears, the market needs to open and fair competition in the sun, do companies need to face the reality of the play and courage. We respect the real name, but today is… Chicken real name reported duck, said the duck monopoly of the lake…"

Inventory 2016 impact of cross-border electricity supplier export ten events

2016 has come to an end, the export of electricity providers will also be the end of the promotion season, dull or wave sellers will export to the next stop. So, this year the export of electricity supplier what experienced ups and downs? Billion state power network to sort out the 2016 export electricity supplier ten big events, hoping to help practitioners in the overall review of the export of electricity supplier trend this year.

[event 1] there is a tree listed three new board: the first electricity supplier to cover the import and export

event overview: April 7th, cross-border business enterprise Shenzhen tree Polytron Technologies Inc officially listed on the new board, a cross-border electricity supplier is currently the only company on the new board while covering the import and export.

tree group’s business has four sections: export business, supply chain for cross-border imports with the dolphins and the B business brand, UAV and robot parts sector and brand’s Wellcome cross-border imports of C end plate. In 2015, a tree income of more than 1 billion 100 million, the global total storage area of over 100 thousand square meters, all over the country and region.

[event 2] Alibaba $1 billion acquisition of Southeast Asia’s largest electricity supplier Lazada

event overview: in April 12th, Alibaba announced the controlling rights of Southeast Asian electricity supplier Lazada, a total cost of about $1 billion, Lazada valuation of about $1 billion 500 million.

Lazada started with the market since 2012, with three years of time has become Southeast Asia’s largest business platform, and in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam occupies the first place in the market business.

since entering China in March 2015, there have been nearly 5000 Chinese merchants settled in Lazada, and the number of sellers showed rapid growth. In 2015 the total transaction has reached $1 billion 300 million.

as of the fourth quarter of, Lazada has a total of 40 thousand sellers, the platform line of goods, the data compared to the first quarter, an increase of 900% over the same period in 2015. The amount of users has more than 6 million, the daily average of more than 4 million 500 thousand visits, active SKU of about 3 million. At present, its 3 million active SKU, part of the cross-border business has reached up to 1 million 100 thousand.

[3] event aliexpress sellers three deal accelerated big shake transformation B2C

event overview: April 12th, aliexpress officially announced the aliexpress platform full implementation of product trademark, some categories will not allow no trademark products, this category merchants in June 30th after will not be released without trademark products.

after August 15th, no trademark products are not allowed under the category of shops, business class without goods online, aliexpress will refund all the businesses unified business categories 2016 technical service fee, at the same time, the shop will have no right to operate the business class.

[event 4] >

From the 1 era to the era of the, B2B electricity supplier new upgrade from information to trade

Abstract: from late 90s, the B2B information platform with HC, as a representative of the Alibaba began to appear, since 20 years, B2B business enterprise experienced pages and information age, now enter the trading era.


in the second half of 2014 to 2015, the Internet and mobile Internet technology began to play a more important role in the field of material circulation, B2B trading platform has become a concern of investors.

from the last century in 90s, the B2B information platform with HC, as a representative of the Alibaba began to appear, since 20 years, B2B business enterprise experienced pages and information age, now enter the trading era.

transaction type B2B electronic business platform is not breadth, but to the depth of the main barriers to competition. Entrepreneurs and these platforms (information based B2B electronic business platform) competition when there is no obvious disadvantage. This is why this (transaction type B2B electronic business platform) will rise." IDG Capital Partners Niu Kuiguang said.

remodeling B2B electricity supplier model

industry itself there is another thing, that is, the whole of China’s economic development in 2008-2013 is to go up, and now is down. In severe cases, oversupply situation is particularly serious. Who can sell the goods this time, who is the boss. Solve the problem of selling, IT+ artificial way more suitable." Zhi Jianpeng, founder of plastic exchange, told reporters.

"business has nothing to do with three aspects, information flow, logistics and capital flow. At the beginning of the information flow seems to run a little bit faster, but the other two things up; 2008-2014 five or six years of time, two months after coming up, I found the original information just hanging in the online way can’t catch up." Zhi Jianpeng further introduction.

In the era of

1 B2B electricity supplier mainly solves the way and timeliness of enterprises to obtain information of supply and demand, 2 times the B2B business through will combine with the Internet technology of artificial match, logistics, capital flow and technology flow through new technological means for integration into an organic whole, realized the entire Internet trade that created a new mode of supply chain.

B2B, in fact, business to business, in fact, has always been there. Before the model has been the Yellow Pages model, advertising model and matching model, to the recent two years before the beginning of a business model, mainly because of the development of the Internet and payment technology. Internet provides the conditions for the intermediary, and the rise of the three party to accelerate the pace of its development, so B2B electricity supplier huge market space in the future." Jiuding investment director VC Investment Department Sun Jian said.

steel steel business platform is from the "information platform model information + conference + advertisement" to "centralized procurement + commissions" pay "

Experts teach you from the domain name of the ten principles

As the saying goes: "

1; not bad, bad words is impossible, the " name is very important.

Chinese people always pay attention to the names of all the plans for a lucky, for a taste. But the name of the.Com and the general name Chinese characters are very different, the only URL English, how will China profound traditional culture into modern form of the domain name is indeed a lot of brains, and the domain name as a kind of intangible resources, but also by the relevant laws and regulations of the various constraints, domain name registration, each country has detailed provisions. In our country, the domain name management is modeled by the trademark law, which is protected by the law of the state. But in the premise of not violating the above principles, who belongs to the first registration. Considering all of the above factors, we should pay attention to the following points when naming your.Com:

2 fast domain name is a kind of intangible assets, relative to the public’s attention is a scarce resource, so many disputes occur cybersquatting. When you consider that a good domain name, you must be aware of at least 100 people around the world have thought this name, at least 100 people just think of the name, there are at least 100 people immediately think of the name. In order to make your favorite domain name is not registered by others, you need to accelerate the pace of the application for registration. The sooner you make your domain name known to the public. Business can be kept confidential, the only thing that can not be kept secret is that you have registered the domain name.

3 to have the Oriental color although all in the Internet, but the eastern cultural background and Western culture prospects are very different. The same syllable for the Chinese and Americans may mean a completely different meaning, so that people have different imagination, so the Chinese enterprises must have a domain name. Such as China-Domain, China-eFax and so on, let people see is the color website China glance. The simpler the better domain name must be simple, easy and easy to read simple spelling. A complex combination of symbols is a luxury for a limited memory. Suggest that your domain name (unit name) is best not more than 8 characters. Like Sina, Sohu, 163, 263, 8848 is very short, easy to spell easy to understand and easy to remember. Of course, there are many good names that have been large companies or those wangchongmen occupy a personal homepage. However, as long as you give full play to your imagination, there are still a lot of characters that are not held in waiting for your discovery. Do not superfluous, the concise and to the point, a combination of characters don’t want to give away. Avoid those who do not have the character of the prefix and suffix, cyber, net, tech, digi, XYS, and so on, plus they will only get " Oh, sounds like the mid 90s! ".

4 strive >

Sinopec O2O victory the first leading electricity supplier hand shop No. 1

China’s largest oil refining company China Petroleum Chemical Co (hereinafter referred to as Sinopec) recently cross-border cooperation on addiction.

August 22nd, Sinopec announced that Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. and domestic B2C electricity supplier business 1 shop signed a cooperation framework agreement. This is the first time Sinopec e-commerce partners. At this point, and Sinopec Sales Company "alliance", the SF express, RT mart, Tibet Zhuoma springs, shop No. 1.


according to the latest agreement, the two sides will be mainly in joint procurement, O2O (online and offline linkage) business, business platform cooperation, oil sales and other areas of cooperation. Including the play store No. 1, global sourcing platform advantages and easyJet 2.3 10000 stores scale advantages, the implementation of joint procurement of goods, reduce procurement costs; since the mention and merchandise sales and other two-dimensional code O2O in Sinopec express convenience store pilot to carry out electricity supplier parcel (linkage online and offline) business; explore open area in shop No. 1, sales of Sinopec easyJet characteristics of goods; explore cooperation electronic business platform, to carry out cross marketing; Sinopec as shop No. 1 with high quality oil.

Sinopec this shop No. 1 cooperation, in addition to innovate in joint procurement, O2O (online and offline interaction) business, oil sales, logistics and other aspects of cooperation, and cooperation is similar before sf.

according to reports, the future customers in the gas, Sinopec express convenience stores through mobile phone two-dimensional code sweep function, optional 1 store goods, to achieve on-site purchase orders. In addition, the shop No. 1 to complete a single purchase order customers can also be found in the petrochemical designated refueling site.

calculated in accordance with the number of gas station, Sinopec Sales Co. Ltd. is China largest and the world’s second largest oil supplier; by the end of 2013, with more than 30 thousand self fueling (gas) station, 80 million fuel card card customers; in 2013, the share of more than 60% in the domestic oil market.

It is worth mentioning that, since last year, Sinopec proposed mixed ownership reform, announced earlier this year, oil sales business segment of existing assets (including gas stations and Yi Jie) to restructure the

. The specific scheme is that the stake in oil sales segment open no more than 30%, by way of capital increase, the introduction of social and private capital, mixed ownership management.

previously, Tencent holdings, Canada’s largest retailer Couche-Tard Inc and other investors shortlisted Sinopec oil sales company second stake in the list of competing competition.

who will choose who to sell their oil sales business partners, Sinopec has been silent to the outside world.

August 21st, the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources as saying that the group Sinopec has with Shanghai based private enterprises Fosun sign.

The fight becomes the rational development of low-cost electricity supplier price war the value of w

Beijing daily news (reporter Wu Wenzhi Wang Cuiyi) with the formation of a situation of tripartite confrontation potential, only low price also began to fight the rational stage of development.

today, Suning has been the acquisition of redBaby mother network, will be merged into the suning.com platform. Su Ningqi stores will also be opened under the maternal and child cosmetics business, which is Suning store + electricity supplier + retail service provider cloud business model for the first time landing. This is a change from Jingdong mall domain name, only one day to release the mascot. The industry believes that only rely on low prices to attract eyeball is outdated, the more sustained value will become the dominant groupkey.

suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said that in April, suning.com is no longer a simple price war, but a global value of war. Consumers can not only buy affordable goods from suning.com, but also can enjoy the online orders, the line from mentioning "and" line experience, online purchase convenience.

it is understood that suning.com is planning to quickly return service from mentioning goods delivery subsidies and non electrical products from stores, consumers gradually improve the line experience. At the same time, Suning’s stores will open the baby cosmetics business, enhance the purchasing advantages.

last year, remember to let consumers turns to the price war, the history of the electricity supplier "of the most fierce price war in stimulating industry development at the same time, also exposed the shortcomings of the rapid development of the electricity supplier in the process.

such as the electricity supplier shipments, errors in the distribution, including goods not board, return to low price goods, out of a large area. These with the price war in the quality of service has shrunk, exposing the electricity supplier business crisis.

and Li Bin views as well as Dangdang public relations director Guo He. Guo He believes that, despite the price competitiveness, but this year the electricity supplier price war will not be more violent than last year. Electricity supplier price war will have, but will add additional value.

in fact, the electricity supplier giant behind due to the weakening of the price war this year will be seen as a key node in the process of enterprise development this year, Jingdong announced the introduction of "mall culture live" strategy. It has just changed the domain name, issued a mascot. This is seen as the industry Jingdong Mall for the future expansion of the electricity supplier in addition to the business.

is not only Jingdong mall, Tencent’s easy fast network is announced in May released a new domain name. In the traditional promotion war period, they did not take the initiative to set off a price war, but will focus on the long-term development of enterprise integration, business promotion, image and other internal organs, so as to realize the "turnaround".


mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has said that the fourth quarter earnings point in time; CEO aged Eslite also revealed that VANCL goal this year is to achieve annual performance growth of 50% for the full year profit. The United States has also revealed that the United States and its electronic business platform will be profitable in the u.s.. Prior to the industry mentioned, if the electricity supplier companies no longer profitable this year, there is no profit opportunity. >

Handle net sales on the group buying industry few effects said it is still fighting for listing

[Abstract] Tencent technology for the first time to sanpower group confirmed its meaning is in the handle network.


although the handle in the three or four tier cities still have an advantage, but can not shake the pattern of the industry to buy

reported in October 21st ran technology Tencent

in group purchase industry before three already settled, and the situation of occupy a market share of 90% of the three U.S. corporations, public comment, Baidu Nuomi, long handle network without sound, finally came to the news of the sale, and this one shot is the object of enterprises in Jiangsu sanpower group.

according to the agreement, sanpower group will combine the advantages, proposed the "sky underground, pull line down line, supply chain, customer pull goods, group purchase pull pull idle away in seeking pleasure custom" "Five" cooperation, intended to physical resources and online resources to handle network sanpower group rich line combination on the basis of the sustainable development, group purchase business, to build their own electronic business platform.

maidun investment chairman, will become the handle network CEO Qiu Liping said in an internal e-mail "company is still based on the current group purchase business, and strive to become the first in the A shares listed on the Internet group purchase enterprises".

, however, according to industry analysts, although the handle in the three or four tier cities still have an advantage, but basically can not shake the pattern of the group buying industry.

will acquire 80% of the shares of

in three cell

sanpower group yesterday to the science and technology Tencent confirmed that in Italy lashou.com, is currently in the final stage of the completion of the transaction, did not disclose the ultimate completion of the transaction and the amount of time, but said sanpower group will be holding an absolute lashou.com. At the same time, three cellular group spokesman, vice president Zou Yan said, "lashou shares sanpower group will take over the overall maidun investment holdings".

, according to people familiar with the matter to the Tencent of science and technology revealed that the acquisition of shares in hand sanpower group share will be around 80%.

at present, lashou’s top two shareholders are maidun investment and venture capital in Jinsha River. The handle of the third round of financing maidun investment as the lead investor, the company’s actual controller.

hand said, this round after the completion of the acquisition, will be the main investor, chairman Qiu Liping will serve as the company CEO, the original CEO Zhou Feng was promoted to vice chairman concurrently at the same time, the company’s chief strategy officer (CSO). At the same time, the strategy will be led by Zhou Feng responsible for the company’s overall strategy, using sanpower group resources, expand the group purchase business, increase market share.

according to the agreement, sanpower group will combine the advantages, proposed the "sky underground, pull line down line, supply chain, customer pull goods, group purchase pull pull idle away in seeking pleasure custom" "Five" cooperation, intended to handle network entity resources online resources and rich group three cell line under the combined, in the basis of the sustainable development of the group purchase business.

Ma Yun’s rookie network, may have made several key strategic errors!

self storage let rookie lost the unified rules of warehousing industry an opportunity in Jingdong to take, Suning in take, take place in the SF Debon, COSCO International in deep take, tens of thousands of acres and the sum of the rookie other than just pale into insignificance by comparison. Low price and other logistics companies to form a competitive relationship in terms of warehousing, thus losing the opportunity to establish a national warehousing industry rules of the game, which is a major strategic rookie mistake.


note: Recently, the vice president of rookie network wunglin in Beijing detailed interpretation of the rookie strategy, through nearly two years of effort, rookie network has basically completed the construction of a nationwide logistics network. This seemingly Ali logistics division of a customer service summary, but announced a Ma said to use ten years to complete the great ideal, with less than two years has been basically completed. So we look at these two years to do what rookie? How exactly is basically built this great ideal of it?

recently, vice president of rookie network wunglin in Beijing detailed interpretation of the rookie strategy, one is published for the first time, wunglin explained that currently rookie post has developed 20 thousand outlets. Rookie and published data, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other major online shopping platform, express orders accounted for more than 65% of the national total, about 23% of the orders can be delivered within 48 hours, the next day 1/8 rural package.

Wan Lin said that through nearly two years of effort, the rookie network has been basically completed a nationwide logistics network. This seemingly Ali logistics division of a customer service summary, but announced a Ma said to use ten years to complete the great ideal, with less than two years has been basically completed. Let us look back at Ma said at the time, to see what happened, Ma said,

"we have a bold idea is to build Chinese intelligent backbone network, it is an ideal project, so that the whole city China 2000 to 24 hours in any one place, as long as you are shopping online, 24 hours of goods would be sent to your home, this is a great ideal, we feel that this is a a national project."

Imagine a picture of the future Ma

scene, Ali electricity supplier mastered most of the user behavior data, but the user data is not in the hands of the non Ali Ali, a widely used by all the electricity supplier’s open public logistics platform, Ali can of all user data analysis, can know the situation of supply and demand of different products in each region, pre arranged logistics company will be placed in the vicinity of the warehouse goods buyers, orders directly from your home in the vicinity of the depot in shipment. Thus completed Ma as long as you go shopping online, 24 hours of goods must be sent to your home, the great ideal.


will become the brain China all rookie logistics company, this is Ma Yun said the United States and Japan have no great ideal, not only improves the efficiency of the whole society, but also the lifeblood of rookie control the next generation of electricity.